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Extreme Hone
The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years
EH album cover 500.jpg
compilation album by
Elvis Costello
LabelWarner Bros.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. The Bridge I Burned  Elvis Costello 5:20
2. Veronica  Paul McCartney, D.P.A. MacManus 3:09
3. Sulky Girl  D.P.A. MacManus 5:07
4. So Like Candy  Paul McCartney, D.P.A. MacManus 4:37
5. 13 Steps Lead Down  D.P.A. MacManus 3:18
6. All This Useless Beauty  Elvis Costello 4:38
7. My Dark Life  Elvis Costello 6:20
8. The Other Side Of Summer  D.P.A. MacManus 3:56
9. Kinder Murder  D.P.A. MacManus 3:26
10. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror  D.P.A. MacManus 4:06
11. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)  Elvis Costello, Jim Keltner 4:04
12. Poor Fractured Atlas  Elvis Costello 4:02
13. The Birds Will Still Be Singing  D.P.A. MacManus 4:23
14. London's Brilliant Parade  D.P.A. MacManus 4:22
15. Tramp The Dirt Down  D.P.A. MacManus 5:41
16. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4  D.P.A. MacManus 3:50
17. I Want To Vanish  Elvis Costello 3:16
18. All The Rage  D.P.A. MacManus 3:53

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