Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years

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Copied from Text discography 1995-1999.

Formatting to come later.

   U19 Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years
       - Elvis Costello (77:30)
          The Bridge I Burned -EC (5:20)
          Veronica [McCartney/MacManus] - EC (3:09)
          Sulky Girl - EC+A (5:07)
          So Like Candy [McCartney/MacManus] - EC (4:37)
          13 Steps Lead Down - EC+A (3:18)
          All This Useless Beauty - EC+A (4:38)
          My Dark Life - EC+Brian Eno (6:20)
          The Other Side Of Summer - EC (3:56)
          Kinder Murder - EC+A (3:26)
          Deep Dark Truthful Mirror - EC (4:06)
          Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) [EC/Keltner] - EC
          Poor Fractured Atlas - EC+A (4:02)
          The Birds Will Still Be Singing - EC+Brodsky Quartet (4:23)
          London's Brilliant Parade - EC+A (4:22)
          Tramp The Dirt Down - EC (5:41)
          Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 - EC (3:50)
          I Want To Vanish - EC+A (3:16)
          All The Rage - EC+A (3:53)
       [1997-10-17;  CD; Warner PROP333/9362-46801-2 (German promo, . The title of
                     this promo is simply _The Very Best Of The Warner Bros.
                     Years_, and it comes in a typical Warners pale blue and
                     white promo sleeve)]
       [1997-10-21;  CD; Warner 46801-2 (released 971103 in Australia). Early
                     copies had a sticker on the case saying: "Includes 'The
                     Bridge That I Burned' (previously unavailable elsewhere)
                     plus 17 more"]
       [1997-10-21;  MC; Warner 46801-4]
       [1997-10-__;  CD; Warner 2-46801-a (US advanced promo)]
       [1997-11-05;  CD; Warner WPCR-1633 (Japan)]
       A US promo CD was released that is the same as the regular release
       except for the words "For promotional use only. Sale or other transfer
       is prohibited. Must be returned on demand of recording company"
       printed in gold on the front of the booklet.