Harvard Crimson, March 10, 1987

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College officials approve concert by Elvis Costello

Joseph Tedeschi

The College yesterday gave the final approval for the Student Production Association's (SPA) plan to invite English new wave star Elvis Costello on a trip across the Atlantic for a one-night appearance at Harvard.

Undergraduate Council Chairman Richard S. Eisert '88 met with College administrators "to double-check" the plans for the May 1 show at Bright Hockey Center.

The College gave its consent after the Undergraduate Council Sunday voiced unanimous approval of the SPA's plans to snare Costello in the form of a $12,200 loan.

"I spoke to Jack Reardon on Friday and got his approval for the use of Bright Center. Then I double-checked with Dean [of the College L. Fred] Jewett on Saturday, and spoke with Dean [of Students Archie C.] Epps for about 20 minutes today and he seemed to think there was no problem," Eisert said.

Eisert added, however, that the deans were concerned about who would attend the concert. "They feel the best thing is to open the concert first to undergraduates, but they understood that if there's dire financial need we can consider restricted sales to other students at specified colleges," he said.

The concert "certainly could" set a precedent for future concerts at Harvard, Epps said. "I hope their plans will come to fruition because a concert will enable members of the college to participate in a unifying event," Epps said.

Chairman of the Athletic Department John P. Reardon '60, who approved the use of Bright Hockey Center, also said he hopes Costello appears at Harvard. Reardon said earlier this week that he is "very supportive" of the idea of a concert and "can foresee no problems" with using Bright as the concert stage.

In the fear of Costello's declining the offer,the SPAs decided to increase their original bid of $30,000 to the $33,500 for which Costello's management asked.

"We thought they would have probably accepted a bid of $30,000 but then we ran the risk of insulting Costello's people," said SPA member James D. Chung '87. "It's definitely not worth it to risk losing Costello over a small amount of about $3,000."

SPA members said they will raise the additional money from increased corporate sponsorship and ticket sales.

If Costello does accept SPA's invitation, the show will be the first major concert at Harvard since REM performed here three years ago.

SPA Co-Chairman, Jill Harrison '90 said all the group can do now is "sit and wait" for a response from Costello's management.

And, not only students will be hoping for Costello to accept SPA's invitation. Epps said he does not have any of Costello's albums, but he hopes, "Mr. Costello accepts their [SPA]invitation.


Harvard Crimson, March 10, 1987

Joseph Tedeschi on efforts to bring EC to Harvard, May 1, 1987, Bright Hockey Arena, Cambridge, MA.


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