Need Your Love So Bad

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Need someone's hand to lead me through the night
I need someone's arms to hold and squeeze me tight
Now, when the night begins, whoa, I'm at an end
Because I need your love so bad

I need some lips to feel next to mine
Need someone to stand up - to stand up and tell me when I'm lyin'
And when the lights are low - and it's time to go
That's when I need your love so bad

So why don't you give it up, baby and bring it home to me
or write it on a piece of paper, woman - so it can be read to me
Tell me that you love me - and stop drivin' me mad
whoa, because I - I need your love so bad

Need a soft voice - just to talk to me at night
Don't want you to worry, baby
I know we can make everything alright
Listen to my plea, baby, come on bring it to me
'Cause I need - your love so bad
Baby, I need, I need - woman, I need your love so bad

Need Your Love So Bad (unreleased cover)
Written byLittle Willie John
Performed byElvis Costello & The Attractions with Martin Belmont

First known performance:
February 2, 1981, New York, NY
Last known performance:
March 28, 1981, London, England
     (6 known performances)

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