Record Mirror, May 19, 1979

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Record Mirror


Accidents could happen

Fred Schruers

Elvis puts his foot in it again by badmouthing American heroes Ray Charles and James Brown on his US tour. Seems his history of alienating large sections of the press and punters in Britain is repeating itself in the States. Fred Schruers followed the incident-packed tour and even managed a word or two with the ill-tempered one.

Des Brown, a snake-hipped, expressionless man who serves as Elvis Costello's tour-manager, is prowling in a downtown club called Great Guildersleeves as his sweating boss bellies up to the mike stand to sing the twenty-fifth song in tonight's three club, April Fool's Day marathon.

After watching Costello play six sets in four days I find Brown's movements more diverting than the stage show. He is playing his nightly game of Search and Destroy the Film.

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Record Mirror, May 19, 1979

Fred Schruers profiles Elvis Costello and reports on the Columbus incident and concerts in Boston, March 29, and New York, April 1.  (From Rolling Stone, May 17, 1979)


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