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Smash Hits



Elvis Costello

Richard Lowe

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Elvis' single "Veronica" may be a sprightly pop toe-tapper but if you're expecting the rest of this LP to be in a similar "vein," think again. Elvis Costello's records, although jolly good and all that, don't tend to be much fun on the whole, and this one's even more depressing than most. The first "track" is called "You're Nobody Till Everybody In This Town Thinks You're A Bastard"; there's a song about hanging called "Let Him Dangle"; and "Tramp The Dirt Down" is all about how useless Mrs Thatcher is. Some of the tunes are quite nice though, and if you like wallowing in misery every now and again you may find this LP hugely enjoyable.

Tags: SpikeVeronica...This Town...Let Him DangleTramp The Dirt DownMargaret Thatcher

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Smash Hits, March 8-21, 1989

Richard Lowe reviews Spike.


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