Spin, May 1991

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Mighty Like A Rose

Elvis Costello

Mark Blackwell

In the 14 years since launching his angry young man persona on 1977's My Aim Is True, Elvis Costello has never failed to evolve and surprise with each new release. Not that all the records were good, but even the few that were bad were at least surprises. On his debut for the '90s, Mighty Like a Rose, Elvis pulls very few tricks from his sleeve (except for maybe the new wannabe ZZ Top facial decor). That's not to say that the record is bad. It's just plain Elvis.

Closer to 1980's Get Happy!! than anything else, Rose is simply a collection of well-crafted pop songs with a classic Elvis sensibility. Drawing from many different territories that he has previously explored, the material ranges from sparse acoustic numbers to haunting orchestrated ballads to screaming tirades. Elvis has always been at his musical and lyrical best when he's pissed, depressed, misunderstood, or just plain bitter, and fortunately he doesn't seem to be in such a great mood this time around.


Spin, May 1991

Mark Blackwell reviews Mighty Like A Rose.


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