Stanford Daily, November 21, 1985

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The Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions

John Wallin and Telford Work


It isn't easy to be a true Elvis Costello fanatic, for the simple reason that no one is rich enough to buy a new record every nine months. So in this case, we gotta side with the record companies and actually endorse the idea of an Elvis Costello greatest hits album. The record has 16 songs on it, plenty for fans and non-fans alike, and total length is even greater than 45 minutes — the only classy way to prevent home taping. The album seems pretty well divided between chart hits and truly great songs, enabling a fan to listen to the entire record appreciating not only the killer hits but the off-hits as well. A good balance is also struck among Costello's many different styles, adding a degree of diversity not present on his regular studio albums. Face it, we can't be funny in this review because there's nothing to poke fun at. They did it right. We admit it. Record companies do occasionally get filled with Christmas spirit. Parents of tasteful, non-Top 40 children should take note.


The Stanford Daily, November 21, 1985

John Wallin and Telford Work review The Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions.


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