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*[[Steve Nieve: The Daily Improvisation]]
*[[The Daily Improvisation]]
*[[Musician, January 1984]]
*[[Musician, January 1984]]
*[[Goldmine, November 1983]]
*[[Goldmine, November 1983]]

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Steve Nieve with Elvis Costello and The Allen Toussaint Band & Horns, July 29, 2007, San Sebastián, Spain.
Elvis Costello sings on Steve Nieve's Welcome To The Voice (2007) and ToGetHer (2013).

Member of:

Keyboards on:

This Year's Model(1978)
Armed Forces(1979)
Get Happy!!(1980)
Almost Blue(1981)
Imperial Bedroom(1982)
Punch The Clock(1983)
Goodbye Cruel World(1984)
King Of America(1986)
Blood & Chocolate(1986)
Brutal Youth(1994)
All This Useless Beauty(1996)
Costello & Nieve(1996)
Painted From Memory(1998)
For The Stars(2001)
When I Was Cruel (2002)
The Delivery Man(2004)
My Flame Burns Blue(2006)
The River In Reverse(2006)
National Ransom(2010)
Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook(2011)
Look Now(2018)
This list may be incomplete.

Songwriter on:

Tender Moment (Kairos)

Co-songwriter (with Elvis Costello) on:

Passionate Fight
You Lie Sweetly
Lesson In Cruelty

Co-songwriter (with Fay Hart) on:

Sad About Girls

Selected discography:

Mad About The Wrong Boy(1980)
Keyboard Jungle(1983)
It's Raining Somewhere(1995)
Welcome To The Voice(2007)
Lazy Point(2012)

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