The Elvis Costello Hour

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The Elvis Costello Hour
The Elvis Costello Hour cover.jpg
promotional interview by
Elvis Costello
ProducerSteven Baker and Bill Bentley

Disc One

Side 1
Title Length
1. Part 1   17:29
Side 2
Title Length
2. Part 3 (Includes the previously unreleased "...This Town...(The Bastard Mix)") 14:49

Disc Two

Side 1
Title Length
3. Part 2   14:10
Side 2
Title Length
4. Part 4   12:03


  • Features "an hour of conversation and music from his Warner Bros. debut album Spike".
  • 4x15 mins. of interview with Bill Flanagan.
  • The 'bastard mix' is very similar to the album version, but has a chorus of multi-tracked Elvises crooning 'sweetheart' over the word 'bastard'. But the word 'bastard' is still perfectly audible.

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1989-__-__ 2xLP Warner Brothers Words & Music series #165, PRO-A-3488 US promo
1989-__-__ MC Warner WB 3488 US DJ promo


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