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|performer = [[Elvis Costello]]
|performer = [[Elvis Costello]]
|producer =  
|producer =  
|musicians =  
|musicians = [[Elvis Costello]] - voice<br>[[Steve Nieve]] - piano<br>[[Mickaël Gasche]] - trumpet<br>[[Renaud-Gabriel Pion]] - bass clarinet & cor anglais<br>[[Pierre-François "Titi" Dufour]] - cello
|record_info  = February 2020, Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris, France
|record_info  = February 2020, Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris, France
|release_info = October 30, 2020
|release_info = October 30, 2020
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{{song covers
{{song covers
|covers =  
|covers = {{:The Last Confession Of Vivian Whip covers}}
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[[Category:Hey Clockface]]
[[Category:Hey Clockface]]

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Hear the last confession of Vivian Whip
If you're reading this
"My life was lonely
Never hurt a fly
Or spared a kiss
Never killed a soul
Except my own"

But when I took you in my arms
I wondered why it took so long
For me to recognize this precious song
Had it been playing all along?

Just when I needed it
When I couldn't conceive that it's
So hard to lose your nerve
To just get what you need
And not, not what you deserve

See the first impression of Vivian Whip
Still denied parole
He's etched in charcoal
"Never hurt a fly or killed a soul
Entertained a doubt
I cared about"

But now I fear we fear too much
I tried my best to keep my watch
To bear up in the light that strips
So stop my mouth up with your lips

The Last Confession Of Vivian Whip
Words byElvis Costello
Music bySteve Nieve & Muriel Teodori
Performed byElvis Costello
MusiciansElvis Costello - voice
Steve Nieve - piano
Mickaël Gasche - trumpet
Renaud-Gabriel Pion - bass clarinet & cor anglais
Pierre-François "Titi" Dufour - cello
RecordedFebruary 2020, Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris, France
ReleasedOctober 30, 2020
AlbumsHey Clockface, 2020

First known performance:
     (0 known performances)

Hey ClockfaceHey Clockface album cover.jpg


Steve Nieve instrumental version performed live, 2020-11-22, The Immobile Tour, France 2020 FaceBook
Steve Nieve performed live, 2020-11-29, The Immobile Tour, France 2020 FaceBook

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