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==Internal links==
==Internal links==
*[[Lyrics: This Year's Model|Lyrics]]
*[[Lyrics: This Year's Model|Lyrics]]
*[[Liner Notes: This Year's Model|Liner Notes]]
*[[This Year's Model (1993) liner notes|This Year's Model 1993 Liner Notes]]
*[[This Year's Model (2002) liner notes|This Year's Model 2002 Liner Notes]]
*[http://www.elviscostello.info/disc/official/tym/tym.htm Home Page discography page]
*[http://www.elviscostello.info/disc/official/tym/tym.htm Home Page discography page]
*[http://www.elviscostello.info/disc/official/tym/tym_info_a01.htm Home Page discography detailed page]
*[http://www.elviscostello.info/disc/official/tym/tym_info_a01.htm Home Page discography detailed page]

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This Year's Model, 1978
Swedish Cover, 1978
US Cover, 1978
Columbia (US) Advertisement

From the Rykodisc liner notes:

"This Year's Model was begun at Eden Studios, London at the end of 1977, just after the single release of "Watching the Detectives", and completed at the beginning of 1978. The Sessions, which had to be scheduled at either end of our first American tour, took about eleven days. Most of the songs had been played "live" since our first appearances in July '77. Others, such as "Pump it Up", were written in the last days of the infamous "Live Stiffs" package tour which ended shortly before the recording."

Around this time Jake Riviera parted company with Stiff Records taking Nick Lowe and Elvis with him. "This Year's Model" was therefore the first release on the new Radar label. Elvis and The attractions continued what would become an unbroken run of eight top thirty singles in Britain with "Chelsea" and "Pump it Up". These were issued in March and June '78.

"By this point I had lost track of time as we completed our first headlining tour of Britain and Europe and two further tours of America, plus a visit to Toronto, where our date at "El Mocambo" was broadcast live on the radio and later issued as a Canada-Only promotional album. By the time "Radio Radio" was released in October '78 we had already recorded our next album Armed Forces" In America, Columbia Records had released "My Aim is True" with the addition of "Watching the Detectives", but when it came time to issue "This Year's Model" they requested bizarre changes in the running order. These included the omission of "Night Rally" and "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea" (Despite it's success as a British single) and the inclusion of "Radio Radio".

This Year's Model (UK LP, 1977)

This Year's Model (USA LP, 1997)

(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea and Night Rally were replaced by Radio, Radio, by Columbia from the original U.S. release.

This Year's Model (1993 Rykodisc/Demon edition)

Extended Play
TitleWriter(s) Length
13. Radio, Radio  Elvis Costello 3:05
14. Big Tears  Elvis Costello 3:09
15. Crawling To The USA  Elvis Costello 2:53
16. Running Out Of Angels (Demo)Elvis Costello 2:02
17. Green Shirt (Demo)Elvis Costello 2:20
18. Big Boys (Demo)Elvis Costello 3:00

This Year's Model (2001 Rhino/Edsel edition)

Disc 2 - Bonus Disc
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Big Tears  Elvis Costello 3:12
2. Crawling To The USA  Elvis Costello 2:55
3. Running Out Of Angels (Demo)Elvis Costello 2:05
4. Green Shirt (Demo)Elvis Costello 2:22
5. Big Boys (Demo)Elvis Costello 3:00
6. You Belong To Me (Capital Radio version)Elvis Costello 1:55
7. Radio, Radio (Capital Radio version)Elvis Costello 3:01
8. Neat Neat Neat (Live, Version 2)Brian James 3:16
9. Roadette Song (Live)Ian Dury Elvis Costello 5:40
10. This Year's Girl (Alternate Eden Studios version)Elvis Costello 2:09
11. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Basing Street Studios version)Elvis Costello 3:00
12. Stranger In The House (BBC version)Russell Hardy 4:15


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