Between Wisdom And Murder


Tracks - [63:05/55:40]

   DISC 1:                             DISC 2:
    EC solo:                            EC + Steve:
      Just About Glad (3:22)              Other End Of The Telescope (5:18)
      Starting To Come To Me (3:56)        [EC/Aimee Mann]
      (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red      Oliver's Army/Kid/Unchained Melody/
       Shoes (2:42)                        If You Could Read My Mind [EC/
      Little Atoms (5:43)                  Pretenders/?/Gordon Lightfoot]
    EC + Steve:                            (4:16)
      Temptation (new arr.) (4:42)        Black Sails In The Sunset (3:07)
      You Bowed Down (5:59)               All This Useless Beauty (4:50)
      Why Can't A Man Stand Alone?        It's Time (5:19)
       (3:55)                             Passionate Fight [EC/Nieve] (5:30)
      The Long Honeymoon (4:28)            (listed as "More Or Less Mine")
      Poor Fractured Atlas (5:07)         My Funny Valentine [Kahn] (2:38)
      Just A Memory (4:18)                Distorted Angel (5:54)
      God Give Me Strength                You'll Never Be A Man (3:17)
       [EC/Bacharach] (5:32)              Alison/Living A Little, Laughing A
      God's Comic (11:09) (listed as       Little/Tracks Of My Tears/Tears Of
       "Goos Comic")                       A Clown/No More Tearstained Makeup
      Complicated Shadows (3:11)           /Clowntime Is Over [EC/Bell-Creed/
|                                          W.Robinson/Cosby-Robinson-Wonder/?
|                                          /EC] (6:22)
                                          Shallow Grave [EC/McCartney] (2:02)
                                          Watching The Detectives (5:35)
                                          I Want To Vanish (3:41)


Release Information:

     Date  | Media| Catalogue number (comments)
     96____|  2xCD| Moontunes MOON 027/28 (Luxembourg)


   Local radio broadcast of entire set of EC+Steve Nieve at the Supper Club,
   NY, 22-May-96, early show. (5 tracks were officially released on the
   EC/SN box set).


Nice performance. Good sound, but not as good as on Aging Gracefully, there are a few broadcasting noises and light interference. The piano sometimes sounds far away. Excellent sound - R.Stevens {} 9/10. Slight lack of treble compared to AG - Olivier Ridolphi