Concert 1977-10-22 Leicester

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Saturday, October 22, 1977
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Stiff's Greatest Stiffs Live




01. Love Comes In Spurts
02. No Action
03. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
04. Blame It On Cain
05. The Beat
06. Dr. Luther's Assistant
07. This Year's Girl
08. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
09. Less Than Zero
10. Whole Wide World - with Davey Payne and Denise Roudette
11. Roadette Song - with Davey Payne
12. Neat Neat Neat - with Davey Payne
13. Little Triggers
14. Radio, Radio
15. You Belong To Me
16. Miracle Man

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Also on the bill

  • Ian Dury
    Songs performed include: I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra    Wake Up And Make Love With Me    Clevor Trever    Sweet Gene Vincent    Billericay Dickie    My Old Man    If I Was with a Woman    Blockheads    Plaistow Patricia    Blackmail Man  Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
  • Nick Lowe
  • Larry Wallis
  • Wreckless Eric (did not play)



Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.

1977-10-22 Leicester poster 01.jpg


Official releases:

  • "Roadette Song" and "Neat Neat Neat" are released on This Year's Model (2002 Rhino/Edsel reissue)
  • The version of "Miracle Man" on Live Stiffs is said to be from this performance, but there are clear differences between them — a slower pace on the Leicester version, a growled first line on the Live Stiffs version, and percussion differences during the chorus.

Soundboard recordings:

Bootleg 1977-10-22 Leicester front.jpg Bootleg 1977-10-22 Leicester back.jpg Bootleg 1977-10-22 Leicester disc.jpg Bootleg 1977-10-22 Leicester booklet.jpg        

Audience recordings:

  • Unknown



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