New Musical Express, November 24, 1979

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Win! The original Elvis demo tape!


As first heard on Honky Tonk!

A few years back a young songwriter called D. P. Costello of Osterley, Middlesex submitted a demo tape of his work to then Radio London DJ Charlie Gillett, for broadcast on his programme Honky Tonk. Gillett, who was also featuring demo tapes by unknowns and unsigneds like Dire Straits, Darts, Graham Parker and others on his programme, was immediately impressed and duly aired the half dozen songs.

D. P. Costello went on to become the Elvis Costello we all know and have mixed feelings about. Charlie Gillett — author of the celebrated Sound Of The City and Making Tracks, ex-Kilburns manager and a much respected figure on the rock scene — later forsook his radio show to concentrate on his record label, Oval Records.

Now Charlie and Oval have put up this preposterously rare and valuable collectors item up for grabs in another fab fun-to-enter Thrills competition exclusive, with five copies of Oval's "Honky Tonk Demos" album for the runners-up, featuring said demos of Dire Straits, Darts, Chas and Dave and others. The "Elvis Costello At Home" tape features the four-eyed fury crooning his way through solo acoustic versions of "Blame It On Cain," "Lip Service," "Mystery Dance" and three unreleased songs "Jump Up," "Poison Moon," and "Wave A White Flag." It has to be the ultimate Elvis collector's item, and it could be yours. Simply, ring the correct answer to each question, complete the tie-breaker and hope for the best. All entries must be received by December 7, 1979 and addressed to:

 NME's Elvis Costello Demo Tape Competition
 55 Ewer Street, London SE99 6YP.

1.) Name Elvis Costello's first band:
  a.) Eggs Over Easy
  b.) The Joe Loss Orchestra
  c.) Flip City
  d.) Liverpool City

2.) Who was the guest guitarist on E.C.'s "Big Tears"?
  a.) Dave Edmunds
  b.) Mick Jones
  c.) Brinsley Schwarz
  d.) Stephen Stills

3.) Name the band that provided the back-up for the My Aim Is True LP:
  a.) The Damned
  b.) The Attractions
  c.) Clover
  d.) Rockpile

4.) On whose album has Elvis just made a guest appearance?
  a.) George Jones
  b.) Grace Jones
  c.) James Brown
  d.) Jackson Browne

5.) Costello's recording of "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding" was credited to:
  a.) Joe Jackson
  b.) The Jags
  c.) Graham Parker
  d.) Nick Lowe

6.) Jake Riviera's real name is:
  a.) Andrew Jakeman
  b.) Jacob Miller
  c.) Lee Jackson
  d.) Peter Grant.

7.) This here tape that we've put up for grabs was first broadcast on Charlie G's Honky Tonk programme on:
  a.) March 1, 1975
  b.) August 15, 1976
  c.) February 29, 1977
  d.) August 21, 1977

8.) The two songs on the flip of Elvis' last single ("Talking In The Dark" and "Wednesday Week") previously appeared as:
  a.) An NME Xmas single
  b.) An Armed Forces freebee
  c.) A Christmas Concert freebee
  d.) A flexi-disc given free with Jackie.

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New Musical Express, November 24, 1979

Includes a contest to win a copy of the Honky Tonk demos.


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