Rainbows All Over Your Blues

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I been waiting my time just to talk to you
You've been lookin' all down in the mouth
And down at your shoes
Well, baby, I came to give you the news
I'll paint rainbows all over your blues

I heard you been spending
A lot of your time up in your room
And at night you been watchin'
The dark side of the moon
You don't talk to nobody
If they don't talk to you
So Buddy and me came here
To sing you a tune

"I give up" is all you've really got to say
It's time to find a new lifestyle
'Cause this really ain't the way
Let's go for a bounce
On my trampoline
I can show you the prettiest mountain
That you've ever seen
You better run to your closet
And fish out your blue suede shoes
I'll paint rainbows all over your blues

Rainbows All Over Your Blues (unreleased cover)
Written byJohn Sebastian
Performed byElvis Costello

First known performance:
May 17, 2020, The Daily Improvisation
Last known performance:
November 1, 2021, Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend - recorded early October
     (5 known performances)

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