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Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach

Co-producer (with Elvis Costello) on:

Painted From Memory(1998)

Piano on:

God Give Me Strength(1996, Grace Of My Heart)
Painted From Memory(1998)
Who Are These People?(2005, At This Time)
Don't Look Now(2018, Look Now)
Photographs Can Lie(2018, Look Now)

Co-songwriter with Elvis Costello on:

Co-songwriter with Hal David on:

Co-songwriter with Bob Hilliard on:

Co-songwriter with Mack David and "Barney Williams" (Luther Dixon) on:

Performed with Elvis Costello:

1997-02-25, David Letterman
1998-04-08, New York, NY
1998-10-03, New York, NY
1998-10-13, New York, NY
1998-10-15, Washington, DC
1998-10-16, Chicago, IL
1998-10-20, Universal City, CA
1998-10-18, Sessions At West 54th
1998-11-23, Conan O'Brien
1998-10-29, London, England
1998-10-30, TFI Friday
1999-01-11, American Music Awards
2000-06-30, London, England
2000-07-22, Dublin, Ireland
2002-07-28, Liverpool, England
2018-01-17, Solana Beach, CA

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