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Diana Krall and Elvis Costello married on December 6, 2003. Their twin sons Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James, were born December 6, 2006 in New York City.

Vocal and piano on:

Crazy (Live 2003)(2003, Willie Nelson & Friends: Live And Kickin')

Piano on:

The Monkey (Live 2005)(2006, From The Big Apple To The Big Easy)

Co-songwriter (with Elvis Costello) and original performer on:

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2003-02-05, Old Vic Theatre, London
2003-04-09, Beacon Theatre, New York - Willie Nelson's 70th birthday party
2004-06-29, Montreal Jazz Festival
2005-09-20, Madison Square Garden, New York
2006-08-03, New York - Tony Bennett's 80th birthday party
2008-05-18, Edgewater Grille, Austin, TX
2008-05-19, Edgewater Grille, Austin, TX
2010-07-20, Patrimonio, Corsica, France
2010-07-27, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2012-04-10, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012-04-17, Los Angeles, CA
2012-12-10, New York - The Colbert Report
2013-10-26, Mountain View, CA - Bridge School Benefit
2014-05-02, Dubai, UAE
2014-06-29, Montreal, QC, Canada

Opened for Elvis Costello & The Sugarcanes:

2010-07-27, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2010-07-20, Patrimonio, Corsica, France
2010-07-08, Vienne, France

Covered an Elvis Costello song:

Almost Blue(2004, The Girl In The Other Room)

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