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Elvis Costello and Gary Barnacle, August 18, 1984, Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York.

Saxophone on:

Party Party(1982, single)
Inch By Inch(1984, Goodbye Cruel World)
I Wanna Be Loved(1984, Goodbye Cruel World)
The Only Flame In Town(1984, Goodbye Cruel World)

Performed with Elvis Costello & The Attractions:

1984 UK Tour, September-November:
1984-09-27, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1984-09-28, Galway, Ireland
1984-09-29, Dublin, Ireland
1984-10-01, London, England
1984-10-03, Brighton, England
1984-10-04, Oxford, England
1984-10-07, Portsmouth, England
1984-10-08, London, England
1984-10-10, Cardiff, Wales
1984-10-11, St. Austell, England
1984-10-13, Bournemouth, England
1984-10-14, Bristol, England
1984-10-15, London, England
1984-10-17, Leicester, England
1984-10-18, Loughborough, England
1984-10-19, Liverpool, England
1984-10-21, Manchester, England
1984-10-22, London, England
1984-10-23, Leeds, England
1984-10-25, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
1984-10-26, Edinburgh, Scotland
1984-10-27, Lancaster, England
1984-10-29, London, England
1984-10-30, Nottingham, England
1984-10-31, Norwich, England
1984-11-02, London, England
1984-11-03, London, England

Member of The Royal Guard Horns

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