Keyboard Jungle

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Keyboard Jungle
Keyboard Jungle album cover.jpg
studio album by
Steve Nieve
ProducerColin Fairley
LabelDemon Records
Press release and letter.

1983 debut solo album by Steve Nieve.


Side A
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. The Ethnic Erithian  Steve Nieve 4:18
2. Hooligans And Hula Girls  Steve Nieve 2:41
3. Al Green  Steve Nieve 3:24
4. Spanish Guitar  Steve Nieve 3:12
5. Man With A Musical Lighter  Steve Nieve 1:50
6. Outline Of A Hairdo  Steve Nieve 1:05
7. End Of Side One  Steve Nieve 2:38
Side B
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Liquid Looks  Steve Nieve 1:12
2. Thought Of Being Dad  Steve Nieve 3:38
3. Pink Flamingos On Coffee Pot Boulevard  Steve Nieve 2:10
4. The Mystery And The Majesty (Of A Banyan Tree)  Steve Nieve 4:43
5. Couch Potato Rag  Steve Nieve 2:44
6. Page One Of A Dead Girl's Diary  Steve Nieve 1:19
7. End Of An Era  Steve Nieve 1:59


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