Tribute To Elvis Costello

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Tribute To Elvis Costello
Tribute To Elvis Costello album cover.jpg
Tribute album by
Various artists
Released2007-04-25 (Japan)
2007-05-07 (US)
LabelFor-Side Next (Japan)
JVC Victor (US)

2007 tribute to Elvis Costello by Japanese artists includes covers of 10 songs written or co-written by Elvis Costello, and a cover of "She," written by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer.


TitleWriter(s)Performer(s) Length
1. She  Aznavour, KretzmerGota Yashiki 3:36
2. High Fidelity  Elvis CostelloI-lulu 2:55
3. Lip Service  Elvis CostelloNatural Punch Drunker 2:36
4. Oliver's Army  Elvis CostelloKohei Dojima 3:57
5. The Only Flame In Town  Elvis CostelloJafrosax 4:46
6. Watching The Detectives  Elvis CostelloTakashi Hamazaki 4:01
7. Shipbuilding  Costello, LangerSanch 4:15
8. So Like Candy  McCartney, MacManusKaori Kano 4:41
9. Pump It Up  Elvis CostelloCrude Reality feat. Koto 6:32
10. Clean Money  Elvis CostelloGelugugu 2:21
11. Alison  Elvis CostelloKenichi Kurosawa 4:06

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