Formby Times, July 12, 1972

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Ladies' leapfrog team helps evening swing!


The "Formby Ladies' Leapfrog Team" helped along an enjoyable evening at the Artists Studio on Friday. The "Leapfrog Team" was in fact an amusing poem by Crosby poet Spencer Leigh, which was part of the Poetry Circus held by the Association of Formby Artists at The Studio, Freshfield.

An audience of all ages spent an enjoyable evening listening to and joining in the many poems and folk songs performed. The poetry was supplied by Harold Hikins, Sylvia Hikins, Spencer Leigh, David Calder and a group of two guitarists who went under the name of Rusty. Rusty was, in fact, Alan Mayes and Declan McManus.

The object of the Poetry Circus was "to soften up everyone after the day's cares and toils" and in this it was a great success. The only comment that could have been passed by would-be critics was that almost every poem by Mr. Hikins himself is performed by him every time he appears. Having seen the Poetry Circus before I had a feeling of Deja Vu! Apart from that the standard of music and verse was excellent.

For local poetry enthusiasts Mr. Hikins and friends will be performing in Southport at the Little Theatre on September 15 in an event called Poetry '72.

The Association of Formby Artists are themselves holding a barbecue and "arty freak-out," as one member described it, on Friday, July 21, at 8 p.m.

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Formby Times, July 12, 1972

D.S. reports on the Poetry Circus, Friday, July 7, 1972, The Studio, Freshfield, Formby, England, including Declan McManus and Allan Mayes performing as Rusty.


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"Contemporary folk duo Rusty playing at The Studio on Friday."

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