Marti Jones: Unsophisticated Time

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Unsophisticated Time
Marti Jones Unsophisticated Time album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Marti Jones
ReleasedSeptember 1985
ProducerDon Dixon

1985 album by Marti Jones includes a cover of "The Element Within Her."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)  Peter Holsapple 3:27
2. (If I Could) Walk Away  Don Dixon 3:30
3. Show And Tell  Richard Barone 3:19
4. Rhythm Of Shallow Breathing  Don Dixon, Gary Wymer, Marti Jones 5:40
5. Follow You All Over The World  Bland Simpson 4:00
6. Neverland  Peter Holsapple 3:20
7. Hiding The Boy  Don Dixon 3:31
8. Talk To Me  Don Dixon 3:01
9. The Element Within Her  Elvis Costello 3:36
10. What Is Real  Gerald Duncan 4:01
11. We'll All Be Gone  Don Dixon 2:10


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