Roger McGuinn: Back From Rio

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Back From Rio
Roger McGuinn Back From Rio album cover.jpg
studio album by
Roger McGuinn
ReleasedJanuary 8, 1991
RecordedCapitol Studios, Los Angeles
ProducerDavid Cole, Roger McGuinn

1991 album by Roger McGuinn includes backing vocals by Elvis Costello on "You Bowed Down" which was written by Costello.

LP labels and European album cover.


Side one
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Someone To Love  Roger McGuinn, Camilla McGuinn 3:32
2. Car Phone  Mike Campbell, Roger McGuinn 4:33
3. You Bowed Down  Elvis Costello 3:52
4. Suddenly Blue  Cutler, McGuinn, Morgan 3:49
5. The Trees Are All Gone  Roger McGuinn, Camilla McGuinn 3:51
Side two
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. King Of The Hill (vocal shared with Tom Petty)Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty 5:27
2. Without Your Love  Roger McGuinn, Camilla McGuinn 3:59
3. The Time Has Come  Scott Cutler, Roger McGuinn 3:45
4. Your Love Is A Gold Mine  Roger McGuinn, Dave Stewart 4:06
5. Back From Rio Interlude (vocal shared with David Crosby & Chris Hillman)Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne  
6. If We Never Meet Again  Jules Shear 4:28


You Bowed Down


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