Waiting For The End Of The World covers

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Elvis Costello covers  >  My Aim Is True covers  >  Waiting For The End Of The World

John Easdale And Friends performed live, Knitting Factory tribute, 2003-03-27 2003 info
Charles Jenkins performed live, 2013-02-02, Pure Pop Records, Melbourne, Australia 2013 YouTubeCharlesjenkins.com.au
Ted Leo with Lemuria performed live, 2012-12-21, New York 2012 YouTube
Phil Pritchett performed live, 1999-05-16, Waco, TX 1999 archive.org
Radio Costello performed live, 2023-10-01, The Rhodehouse, Sutton Coldfield, England 2023 FaceBook
Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2013 YouTube