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A Bunch Of Stiff Records
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compilation by
various artists
Back cover, German Stiff/Teldec 6.23317 issue

1977 Stiff compilation includes "Less Than Zero."


Side One
TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. I Love My Label  Nick Lowe 2:58
2. (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World  Wreckless Eric 2:57
3. White Line Fever  Motörhead 2:42
4. Less Than Zero  Elvis Costello and The Shamrocks 3:04
5. Little By Little  Magic Michael 3:58
6. Back To Schooldays  Graham Parker 2:51
Side Two
TitlePerformer(s) Length
7. Jump For Joy (Martin Stone)Stones Masonry 2:28
8. Maybe  Jill Read 2:55
9. Jo Jo Gunne (Chuck Berry)Dave Edmunds 4:59
10. The Young Lords (Sean Tyla)Tyla Gang 3:28
11. Food  The Takeaways 3:31


  • For contractual reasons the backing band Clover are called The Shamrocks on this release.
  • This record was commonly known simply as A Bunch Of Stiffs.
  • This version of Less Than Zero is a slightly different mix than either the version on My Aim Is True or the single (BUY 11):
    • Like the single it doesn't have the theremin-like organ in the chorus which is on the My Aim Is True version, but where the single has those fuzz-toned/distorted chords in the chorus, this version has them softened and buried in the mix. Also, you can hardly hear the guitar fill during the fade-out.
  • Album subtitle: "Undertakers To The Industry – If They're Dead - We'll Sign 'Em"
  • The Takeaways line-up: Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Sean Tyla, Larry Wallis
  • Etched in the runoff for side 1 is: surfing with the new wave, side 2: a porky prime cut

Release info

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1977-04-01 LP Stiff SEEZ 2 UK
1979-05-01 LP Stiff/Victor VIP-6651 Japan
1977-__-__ LP Stiff/Teldec 6.23317 Germany (Purple vinyl)


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