Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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I walk along the street of sorrow
The boulevard of broken dreams
Where gigolo and gigalette
Can take a kiss without regret
So they forget their broken dreams

You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow
When you behold your shattered dreams
And gigolo and gigalette
Awake to find their eyes are wet
With tears that tell of broken dreams

Here is where you'll always find me
Always walking up and down
But I left my soul behind me
In an old cathedral town

The joy that you find here you borrow
You cannot keep it long it seems
But gigolo and gigalette
Still sing a song and dance along
Boulevard of broken dreams

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (unreleased cover)
Words byAl Dubin
Music byHarry Warren
Performed byElvis Costello & The Imposters with Charlie Sexton

First known performance:
October 13, 2021, Memphis, TN
Last known performance:
     (29 known performances)

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