Concert 1983-08-07 New York

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Sunday, August 7, 1983
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Clocking In Across America Tour




01. Let Them All Talk - with the TKO Horns
02. Possession - with the TKO Horns
03. Watching The Detectives - with the TKO Horns
04. Secondary Modern - with the TKO Horns
05. The Greatest Thing - with the TKO Horns
06. Man Out Of Time - with the TKO Horns
07. Kid About It
08. From Head To Toe
09. Shabby Doll
10. Charm School
11. Temptation - including Theme From A Summer Place
12. New Lace Sleeves
13. Shipbuilding
14. Big Sister's Clothes
15. You Belong To Me
16. Clubland - with the TKO Horns
17. Everyday I Write The Book - with the TKO Horns
18. Watch Your Step - with the TKO Horns
19. Back Stabbers / King Horse - with the TKO Horns
20. Clowntime Is Over - slow version - with the TKO Horns
Encore 1
21. TKO (Boxing Day) - with the TKO Horns
22. Alison - including Living A Little, Laughing A Little - with the TKO Horns
Encore 2
23. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - with the TKO Horns
24. Pump It Up - including Ain't That A Lot Of Love - with the TKO Horns

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Opening act

  • Aztec Camera
    Lost Outside The Tunnel   Walk Out To Winter   Orchid Girl   Back On Board   Oblivious   The Bugle Sounds Again   The Boy Wonders   We Could Send Letters



Photo by Marc Knispel
Photo from 08-07 or 08-10 by Marc Knispel.

Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.

1983-08-07 New York ticket.jpg Ticket 2 thanks to Sheva Golkow
Ticket 2 thanks to Sheva Golkow.

1983 US tour program cover.jpg
Tour program.


Official releases

  • None

Audience recordings

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