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Elvis Costello and Dave Bartholomew, April 30, 2013, New Orleans. Photo by David Grunfeld, Times-Picayune.
Bartholomew's 1985 compilation The Monkey is included in Elvis Costello's "500 Albums You Need" (Vanity Fair, November 2000). From The Big Apple To The Big Easy (2006) includes a duet with Elvis Costello on "The Monkey."

Vocal and trumpet on:

The Monkey (Live 2005)(2006, From The Big Apple To The Big Easy DVD)

Songwriter and original performer on:

That's How You Got Killed Before

Co-songwriter (with Pearl King) and original performer on:

The Monkey

Co-songwriter (with Fats Domino and Bobby Charles) on:

Before I Grow Too Old
Walking To New Orleans

Co-songwriter (with Fats Domino and Roy Hayes) on:

I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2005-09-20, Madison Square Garden, New York

Referenced in the lyrics of:

Monkey To Man

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