Dr. Feelgood

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Members include:

Lee Brilleaux
Wilko Johnson

Opening act (with Rockpile and Clive Langer) for Elvis Costello & the Attractions:

1980-04-02, Canvey Island, England

The song "Seven O'Clock" was written for Dr. Feelgood:

The rowdiest but slightest cut on the record, "Luxembourg," had its origins in an R'n'B number, "Seven O'Clock," written for Canvey Island's finest, Dr. Feelgood. The final draft of the lyrics picked the hapless dukedom as an object of scorn, but only after the original, equally wordy text had been rejected by Dr. Feelgood's frontman, Lee Brilleaux, after one perusal, with the immortal line: "What's this then, fucking Shakespeare?" Liner notes, Trust (2003 Rhino/Edsel edition)

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