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Title Length
1. "It was recorded almost by accident"   1:45
2. Watching The Detectives   3:46
3. "It was the ballad of This Year's Model"   0:55
4. Little Triggers (iTunes Originals Version) 3:31
5. "It has Mick Jones of the Clash playing guitar"   0:30
6. Big Tears   3:11
7. "It was about people meeting in the night at a hotel, not a complicated story"   1:22
8. Motel Matches (iTunes Originals Version) 2:23
9. "It's a more regretful song"   1:22
10. Riot Act   3:35
11. "It was more the expression came to mind"   0:59
12. Kid About It (iTunes Originals Version) 3:21
13. "I told a tale, which you have to listen to the lyrics"   0:59
14. Man Out Of Time   5:27
15. "An example of one of those songs that nearly got away"   1:00
16. Love Field (iTunes Originals Version) 4:48
17. "The main body of the song is very repetitive, it's supposed to be like that"   1:18
18. I Want You   6:44
19. "I'm glad to get the opportunity to put the word to the fore"   1:55
20. Invasion Hit Parade (iTunes Originals Version) 4:33
21. "It's kind of a gospel song"   1:36
22. Bedlam (Nashville Alternate Version) 4:49
23. "It's more of the idea that we are in a flow towards a way of living"   1:41
24. The River In Reverse (iTunes Originals Version) 4:29


  • This set was released in the US 2007-06-19 exclusively as an iTunes download. It is unclear whether it will also appear in non-US iTunes stores. The music tracks can be purchased individually, but the interview tracks are only available by buying the whole set.
  • As of 27 June 2007, this set is not available at the Australian iTunes store.
  • Little Triggers, Motel Matches, Kid About It, Love Field, Invasion Hit Parade, and The River In Reverse are new solo versions recorded in Vancouver in March 2007.
  • Watching The Detectives, Big Tears, Riot Act, Man Out Of Time, and I Want You are the familiar studio recordings. Bedlam (Nashville Alternate Version) is the same alternate mix which previously appeared on iTunes as the "Frankincense/Nashville Mix."
  • The odd-numbered tracks have Elvis talking about the songs.

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