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James Burton with Elvis Costello, taping for Spectacle, April 9, 2008

Member of:

The TCB Band
The Confederates

Guitar on:

King Of America, 1986
Our Little AngelGlitter GulchThe Big Light
Indoor FireworksAmerican Without Tears
Reissue tracks 1995 / 2005:  Shoes Without HeelsThe Big Light (Live)
Your Mind Is On Vacation (Live)It Tears Me Up (Live)True Love Ways (Live)
That's How You Got Killed Before (Live)The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (Live)
Mighty Like A Rose, 1991
All Grown UpHurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)
Georgie And Her RivalThe Other Side Of Summer
Kojak Variety, 1995
I Threw It All AwayLeave My Kitten AloneBama Lama Bama Loo
Must You Throw Dirt In My FacePouring Water On A Drowning Man
The Very Thought Of YouRunning Out Of Fools
Ship Of Fools, 1991

Performed with Elvis Costello:

October 1986 with the Confederates:
1986-10-02, Los Angeles, CA
1986-10-03, Los Angeles, CA
1986-10-10, San Francisco, CA
1986-10-12, Chicago, IL
1986-10-17, Boston, MA
1986-10-22, New York, NY
1986-10-23, New York, NY
1986-10-27, Upper Darby, PA
January-February 1987 with the Confederates:
1987-01-26, London, England
1987-01-27, London, England
1987-01-28, London, England
1987-01-30, Manchester, England
1987-01-31, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
1987-02-01, Edinburgh, Scotland
1987-02-03 Cardiff, Wales
1987-02-04, Bristol, England
1987-02-05, Brighton, England
1987-02-07, Dublin, Ireland
November-December 1987 with the Confederates:
1987-11-05, Atlanta, GA
1987-11-07, Nashville, TN
1987-11-09, Tulsa, OK
1987-11-10, Austin, TX
1987-11-12, New Orleans, LA
1987-11-16, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-17, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-18, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-20, Sapporo, Japan
1987-11-21, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-23, Kyoto, Japan
1987-11-24, Osaka, Japan
1987-11-25, Nagoya, Japan
1987-11-27, Fukuoka, Japan
1987-12-03, Sydney, Aus
1987-12-04, Brisbane, Aus
1987-12-05, Wollongong, Aus
1987-12-06, Newcastle, Aus
1987-12-08, Melbourne, Aus
1987-12-10, Melbourne, Aus
1987-12-12, Adelaide, Aus
1989-04-24, Mill Valley, CA
1995-05-16, London England -- taping for Late Show With David Letterman
1995-05-16, London England -- taping for Later With Jools Holland
1995-05-17, London England
1995-07-02, Roskilde, Denmark
2008-04-08, New York, NY -- taping for Spectacle: Elvis Costello with...
2008-04-09, New York, NY -- taping for Spectacle: Elvis Costello with...

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