Le Quintette Saint Germain

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Clockwise from top left: ?, Mickaël Gasche, Pierre-François "Titi" Dufour, François Delabrière, Steve Nieve, Renaud-Gabriel Pion, Elvis Costello and AJUQ; February 2020, Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris.  Photo by Muriel Teodori.


Steve Nieve - grand piano, upright piano, organ, mellotron, melodica
Mickaël Gasche - trumpet, flugel horn, serpent
Pierre-François "Titi" Dufour - cello
Renaud-Gabriel Pion - clarinet, saxophone, bass flute, cor anglais
AJUQ - drums, percussion, harmonies

Recorded with Elvis Costello:

Revolution #49(2020, Hey Clockface)
I Do (Zula's Song)(2020, Hey Clockface)
They're Not Laughing At Me Now(2020, Hey Clockface)
Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me?(2020, Hey Clockface)
The Last Confession Of Vivian Whip(2020, Hey Clockface)
What Is It That I Need That I Don't Already Have?(2020, Hey Clockface)
I Can't Say Her Name(2020, Hey Clockface)
The Whirlwind(2020, Hey Clockface)
Byline(2020, Hey Clockface)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2023-09-24, Paris, France

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