Malice And Magic

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Malice And Magic
Malice And Magic promo cover.jpg
promotional album by
Elvis Costello
ReleasedSep 1994 (Japan)
Jul 1995 (US)

US promo

TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Veronica  Paul McCartney & Declan MacManus  
2. London's Brilliant Parade  Declan MacManus  
3. So Like Candy  Paul McCartney & Declan MacManus  
4. Jacksons, Monk And Rowe (with the Brodsky Quartet)Michael Thomas, Jacqueline Thomas & Declan MacManus  
5. Chewing Gum  Declan MacManus  
6. 13 Steps Lead Down  Declan MacManus  
7. I Threw It All Away  Bob Dylan  
8. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror  Declan MacManus  
9. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)  Elvis Costello & Jim Keltner  

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1994-09-__ CD WEA PCS-141 Japan tour promo
1995-07-__ CD Warner PRO-CD-7748 US promo


See: Malice And Magic (alternative) (For the Japanese PROMO "Malice And Magic")


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