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Elvis Costello and Michael Blair (3rd left) with (l-r) Peter Morén, Johan Lindström, Anne Sofie von Otter and Steve Nieve, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2023

Member of:

The Confederates
The Rude 5

Percussion on:

King Of America - 1986
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (marimba)
Reissue tracks 1995 / 2005:  The Big Light (Live)It Tears Me Up (Live)
Your Mind Is On Vacation (Live)That's How You Got Killed Before (Live)
True Love Ways (Live)The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (Live)
Spike - 1989
...This Town... (glockenspiel, bells)Let Him Dangle (Chinese drum, Oldsmobile hubcap)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (parade drum, tambourines)Veronica (tympani, glockenspiel)
God's Comic (xylophone, marimba, snare drum, Magic table)Pads, Paws And Claws (marimba, Martian dog-bark)
Tramp The Dirt Down (tambourine, glockenspiel)Coal-Train Robberies (tympani, tambourine, whiplash, anvil)
Satellite (vibraphone, marimba, tympani, glockenspiel, bells)Chewing Gum (metal pipe)
Miss Macbeth (crash-box, glockenspiel, tambourine, temple bells, snare drum)
Weird Nightmare (cloud chamber bowls) - 1992
For The Stars - 2001
No Wonder (bass drum, percussion)You Still Believe In Me (vibraphone)Shamed Into Love (vibraphone)For The Stars (percussion)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

October 1986 with The Confederates:
1986-10-12, Chicago, IL
1986-10-17, Boston, MA
1986-10-22, New York, NY
1986-10-23, New York, NY
1986-10-27 Upper Darby, PA
March 1989 with the Saturday Night Live Band:
1989-03-25, New York, NY
June 1989:
1989-06-11, Stockholm, Sweden
August-September 1989 with The Rude 5:
1989-08-08, Clarkston, MI
1989-08-09, Hoffman Estates, IL
1989-08-11, Cleveland, OH
1989-08-12, Pittsburgh, PA
1989-08-14, Saratoga Springs, NY
1989-08-15, Bristol, CT
1989-08-16, Manchester, NH
1989-08-18, Mansfield, MA
1989-08-19, Philadelphia, PA
1989-08-20, Columbia, MD
1989-08-23, Wantagh, NY
1989-08-24, Wantagh, NY
1989-08-25, Stanhope, NJ
1989-08-27, New York, NY
1989-08-29, Holmdel, NJ
1989-08-31, Atlanta, GA
1989-09-03, East Troy, WI
1989-09-06, Denver, CO
1989-09-08, San Diego, CA
1989-09-09, Irvine, CA
1989-09-10, Santa Barbara, CA
1989-09-12, Universal City, CA
1989-09-13, Universal City, CA
1989-09-15, Berkeley, CA
1989-09-16, Concord, CA
June 2001 with Anne Sofie von Otter:
2001-06-06, New York, NY

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