Paul McCartney: Off The Ground

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Off The Ground
Paul McCartney Off The Ground album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Paul McCartney
ReleasedFebruary 1, 1993 (UK)
February 9, 1993 (US)
RecordedNovember 1991 - July 1992
ProducerPaul McCartney and Julian Mendelsohn

1993 release by Paul McCartney includes covers of "Mistress And Maid" and "The Lovers That Never Were".


All songs written and composed by Paul McCartney, except where noted. 

TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Off The Ground    3:39
2. Looking For Changes    2:47
3. Hope Of Deliverance    3:22
4. Mistress And Maid  Paul McCartney, Declan MacManus 2:58
5. I Owe It All To You    4:51
6. Biker Like An Icon    3:26
7. Peace In The Neighbourhood    5:06
8. Golden Earth Girl    3:44
9. The Lovers That Never Were  Paul McCartney, Declan MacManus 3:42
10. Get Out Of My Way    3:31
11. Winedark Open Sea    5:26
12. C'mon People    5:43
13. Cosmically Conscious (hidden track)  1:44


  • Off The Ground: The Complete Works is a two-disc set (12 bonus songs) released in Japan and the Netherlands that are not featuring EC releases.

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