Punishing Kiss

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I favour a good punishing kiss
It helps pass the lonely afternoons
Another stiff drink
Wipe off that lipstick
For when you reach a certain age
All the most villainous men can be found on channel ten
And I make them dance
In attendance
We will be back
In a minute or two
And he will punish that girl
Oh I forget the reason
Just look at me I'm lost in a social whirl

She was never so witty
Always struggling to be full of fun
On weekdays from mid-day to one
In a little black cocktail dress everyone hates
She'll be saving the world in between fashion plates
I know what she gets up to in the back of that black limousine
And I find myself shouting at the screen
I think that it's time to turn over
They say it's harmless I know
Hundred ten percent certain and virtually real
If you need something to feel

Then favour a good punishing kiss
It helps chase the wasted afternoons
The flowers and the pearls
The long lost relations
That love sick tom boy comes in bloom
All the pointless heartache
That seems to belong in my blue room

Can't stand the suspense
The endless embraces
When each episode
Lends a silly pretence
Say I can turn away
When I will never miss
It starts with a joke
And ends with a punishing kiss

Punishing Kiss
Written byD.P.A. MacManus and Cait O'Riordan

 This song is unreleased by Elvis Costello
First known performance:
October 12, 1993, Mill Valley, CA
Last known performance:
July 13, 2004, New York, NY
     (4 known performances)

“Elvis and Cait wrote this song specifically for Annie to sing in Short Cuts. The song deals with a woman watching soap operas."” — Hal Wilner's reflections and explanations in the sleeve notes to the soundtrack to Short Cuts.

Annie Ross version

Performed byAnnie Ross
Produced byHal Willner
MusiciansAnnie Ross, Low Note Quintet
AlbumsShort Cuts: Music From And Inspired By The Film, 1993

Ute Lemper version

Performed byUte Lemper
Produced byJon Jacobs, Scott Walker, Hal Willner
MusiciansUte Lemper
AlbumsUte Lemper: Punishing Kiss, 2000

Short Cuts: Music From And Inspired By The FilmShort Cuts soundtrack album cover.jpg

Ute Lemper: Punishing KissUte Lemper Punishing Kiss album cover.jpg


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