Swan Arcade: Diving For Pearls

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Diving For Pearls
Swan Arcade Diving For Pearls album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Swan Arcade
ProducerPaul Adams

1986 album by Swan Arcade includes covers of "Shipbuilding" and "Brilliant Mistake."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Raise Your Banner  John Tams 2:15
2. Black Seam  Sting 4:18
3. Donbristle Mine Disaster  Trad. 2:54
4. Bitch Fox    3:12
5. Four Green Fields  Tommy Makem 3:37
6. Dwelling In Beulahland  Trad. 3:10
7. Hounds Of The Meynall  Trad. 4:12
8. Shipbuilding  Elvis Costello & Clive Langer 2:14
9. Weary Whaling Grounds  Trad. 4:01
10. Brilliant Mistake  Declan MacManus 2:59
11. Peat Bog Soldiers  Johann Esser, Wolfgang Langhaff 2:46
12. Only Remembered  Horatius Bonar, Ira Sankey 5:43

Diving For Pearls back cover

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