The River In Reverse

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The River In Reverse
2006 The River In Reverse Album small.jpg
RecordedNovember 27 - December 10, 2005,
Sunset Sound, Hollywood, and
Piety Street Recorders, New Orleans
ProducerJoe Henry
LabelVerve Forecast


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. On Your Way Down  Allen Toussaint 4:55
2. Nearer To You  Allen Toussaint 3:32
3. Tears, Tears And More Tears  Allen Toussaint 3:30
4. The Sharpest Thorn  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint 4:16
5. Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?  Allen Toussaint 5:04
6. The River In Reverse  Elvis Costello 4:32
7. Freedom For The Stallion  Allen Toussaint 2:58
8. Broken Promise Land  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint 4:34
9. Ascension Day  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Roy Byrd 2:58
10. International Echo  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint 4:59
11. All These Things  Allen Toussaint 4:07
12. Wonder Woman  Allen Toussaint 3:08
13. Six-Fingered Man  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint 4:32
Additional tracks
TitleWriter(s) Length
14. The Greatest Love (bonus track on Japan edition)Allen Toussaint 3:47
15. Where Is The Love (iTunes release)Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint 3:54


Related Releases

Japan CD UCCB-1021 (2006) without DVD

The River In Reverse UCCB-1021 (2006)Uccb-1021.jpg

Japan CD UCCB-9011 (2006) with DVD Ltd. Edition
Bonus DVD: "Putting The River In Reverse" (Documentary)

The River In Reverse UCCB-9011 (2006) CD+DVD Limited EditionTHE RIVER IN REVERSE UCCB-9011.JPG

Japan CD UCCU-9402 Budget Reissue

The River In Reverse UCCU-9402THE RIVER IN REVERSE UCCU-9402.JPG


Release info

  • 2006-05-27 Japan - contains a bonus track on the CD, and a bonus DVD also; catalog number UCCB-9011
  • 2006-05-29 UK - initial release includes bonus DVD; also available in LP format
  • 2006-06-06 USA - initial release will contain a bonus DVD.
  • 2006-06-06 - Apple iTunes release contains a bonus track, "Where Is The Love".

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