Tribute concert 2003-03-27 Los Angeles

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Knitting Factory tribute concert setlist

March 27, 2003 
Knitting Factory, Los Angeles


Set 1
The Like: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?
Simon Petty of Minibar: Alison,
+ Shipbuilding
The Naked Trucker (featuring Pete Thomas): I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down,
+Brilliant Mistake
Solipsistics (Jeff McGregor): Blame It on Cain,
+New Amsterdam
Kristian Hoffman: Riot Act
Ann Magnuson: Oliver's (Dubya's) Army 
Kristian Hoffman: Home Truth
Trinket: You Belong to Me
+ Busy Bodies
Tommy Keene: Night Rally,
+ (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea
Andrew: . . . And in Every Home
+Home is Anywhere You Hang Your Head
Rob Laufer: High Fidelity,
+ So Like Candy
Morley Bartnoff: Beyond Belief,
+ Man Out of Time
John Easdale And Friends (Chris Carter, Mark Englert, Clem Burke): I Want You,
+ Luxembourg,
+ Waiting for the End of the World

Set 2
Candypants: Poor Napoleon,
+ No Action
Darian Sahanaja: Taking My Love in Your Hand
Darian & Candypants: Next Time Around
Jon Brion: Hoover Factory
Aimee Mann: Girls' Talk,
+ The Fall of the World's Own Optimist
Michael Penn: Heathen Town
Golden Boy: Green Shirt,
+Everyday I Write the Book
Kennedy (featuring Jon Brion): Watching the Detectives,
+Pump It Up

MC: Paul F. Tompkins
(Submitted by Dean Micheli)

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