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You wrote: For "Singles" we only have the category "Singles"

For the image files I have uploaded (and generally) I am thinking of categorising as:

7" Singles 10" Singles 12" singles CD singles Cassette singles

Where multiple entries exist on a page, I would leave it as just "singles" but (particularly for individual images) I would want to create the above categories.

a) Is that a good idea? - Yes. I think it is always helpful to enable users to find stuff, and creating subsets of large categories helps find something specific, rather than having to sort through 100s of results.

b) How do I create a new category? - very simple. Usually we list categories at the foot of the page. To create a new category just add:

"Category:7" singles" in double square brackets [[]] for instance, at the end of the text for the relevant page or image. The first time you do this, it will come up as a broken link. Click on that link. Then add, say: the template for releases - "releases" in double curly brackets {{}}
7" Singles

The releases template adds a navigation/index box on the top right of the page.

c) Is it possible to have a hierarchy of categories where all the above are a sub category of "Singles"? You could put the Category of 7" singles in the category of Singles, but not vice versa. That creates a sort of hierarchy. There are lots of similar hierarchies already. For instance, if you look at the Category:1986, you will see that within it (listed first) are 7 other categories, e.g. Photos 1986, Tickets 1986 and Discography 1986. These specific categories are subsets of the higher level category - 1986.

Hope that helps...

You asked:

Nick: Thanks for that reply all understood.

My final question now is: OK, so I have created the sub categories under category "Singles" Category:Singles Now - IF I put an image into one of the sub categories does it automatically get included in the parent category. ie. If I add a category "7" singles" to an image, does it STILL need to have the original category "Singles" there ...? (Or do I delete the category "Singles" ... )

A page has the categories that you give it when you create the page. So it you want it to have multiple categories you have to add them all to the page in question. If you want a page to be listed in both "Singles" and "7" singles" you have to assign it to both categories. Even if the Category "7" singles" is assigned the category: Singles, that does not mean that everything in 7" singles will be in the category "Singles" unless you say so. So yes, list every category under which you want the page to appear....

Trev, can you please delete the book images? -- Zmuda (talk) 19:40, 22 January 2022 (CST)

Wiki "To Do"

As discussed on the Wiki FB group - a few things that have been on my "to do list" over the years, and where I have made progress, but not finished.

There are four categories of pages that need further work to complete:

Category:Formatting to come later - pages that exist, but where the content is in an old format (e.g. a song or an album where the tracklisting needs putting into a proper table).

Category:Lyrics needed - song pages missing the lyrics. In some cases, this is deliberate, because the song is an EC composition, but unreleased, so to publish the lyrics (e.g. for some of the FITC songs) would invite a lawyer's letter. Others tend to be unreleased covers, where the lyrics will be online somewhere, but just need to be added.

Category:Page to be created later - pages that have been started, but not finished. Some are more than ten years' old, and the reason that some have not been taken further is because of a lack of information. Discogs may be a source in some cases.

Category:Transcription needed - I have done a lot of work to reduce this list, but still 71 remain. In some cases the image we have to work from is simply illegible, so no progress is possible. In other cases, the article is very long and some or all of it remains to be transcribed. This can be slow work, particularly for foreign language articles where the language has accents or "special characters" that you need to add individually, rather than just typing. This sort of thing:

Džuboks, November 20, 1981

John H was good at extracting text from images. It can be difficult, especially when text is spread across multiple columns on the same page and the scanner reads horizontally, mixing text from different columns. The alternative is simply to retype the article, but that can introduce transcription errors.