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Latest Update: 2008-01-04

Trade List of John Everingham

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Artwork Scans

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Any Elvis Costello recording that I don't already have. I have lots to go! Current wishes:

  1. Any missing concerts from the current tour, please!
  2. Extra Honey - my current version has many clips and glitches; I need a clean copy please!

High quality scans of original artwork wanted for the following:

  1. Good Years For the Covers bootleg
  2. Hit The Road, Elvis bootleg
  3. I Did Talk To Tom Waits bootleg
  4. Red Shoed Imposter

Other artwork wanted


This is the trading page of John Everingham. It shows the items I have available for trade. I do not trade any official recording that you can go out and buy, as I don't want to do the artist out of money that they should be getting.

I am primarily interested in gathering EVERY recording of Elvis Costello, so if there is anything that you have that I don't then that is a trade item. Other key artists that I am or want to collect are the Beatles, Jesus & Mary Chain, Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, but I am also open to other artists so please ask.

Ideally I would like to get the highest quality version of everything. Primarily this means that I will only trade for CDs and CDRs, i.e. I will not trade for cassettes.


  1. No money is made from any disks traded, now or in future.
  2. Copies are to be Disk-At-Once so there are no gaps between tracks.
  3. There must be NO small gaps (typically 0.1 s) between tracks either; many disks I have received have these and I find this really annoying.
  4. NO MP3 at all.
  5. Good quality CDr's are to be used, please.
  6. CDr's are to be sent well packed, without jewel cases, so that they are not damaged.
  7. If possible, could you send the artwork to me in electronic form, so that it can be added to the Elvis Costello Home Page and be available to other users.
  8. If artwork is to be sent physically, please pack it so that it is not damaged during postage.

Printing the Artwork

Articles, Memorabilia, etc.

I am also interested in collecting all articles, memorabilia and anything else about Elvis Costello that I don't have already have. I plan to make a list of these. For the moment, let me know if you have anything that you can part with. Alternatively, if you could lend it to me, I could scan it and add it to my main web site:
                The Elvis Costello Home Page

I would then return the item to you.


Email me if you want to trade anything.

Postal address:

1/4 Harmans Road
Lyttelton CHRISTCHURCH 8012