Don't Look Now

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Don't look now
Don't you dare
I'm not decent
Go sit over there
Would you rather I was draped
in priceless fur
As there's nothing else to wear

Don't look now
I saw you shoot that glance
I said "Don't peek
At the sway of my dance
And the length of my limb
And the blush of my cheek"

Okay, look at me now
What do you see?
I see you looking at me looking
at how you're looking at me

I know what you're thinking
I can read your mind
Oh I promise, I'll be good
this time

Now I wonder what you see
Will you be thinking of me
Later on, when you're alone
Are you ever alone and longing

I'll sit here
Silent and still
See if I am breaking your will
I see you looking at me looking
at how you're looking at me

Oh, don't look at me now...

Don't Look Now
Words byElvis Costello
Music byBurt Bacharach
Performed byElvis Costello & The Imposters
Produced bySebastian Krys & Elvis Costello
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocals, electric guitar
Burt Bacharach - piano
Steve Nieve - unichord
Davey Faragher - bass
Pete Thomas - drums
ReleasedOctober 12, 2018
AlbumsLook Now, 2018
The Songs Of Bacharach & Costello, 2023

First known performance:
November 2, 2018, Bethlehem, PA
Last known performance:
October 2, 2023, Geneva, Switzerland
     (19 known performances)

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Steve Nieve instrumental, performed live, 2020-04-03, The Daily Improvisation, France 2020 Facebook - 17:15

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