Welcome To The Voice

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Welcome To The Voice
Welcome To The Voice album cover.jpg
studio album by
Steve Nieve
ReleasedMay 4, 2007 (Germany)
May 15, 2007 (US)
RecordedAbbey Road Studios, London; Air Studios, London; Phil Manzanera's Gallery Studios; Avatar Studios, New York; Il Palagio, Italy.
ProducerPierre Mollard, Steve Nieve et Muriel Teodori.
LabelDeutsche Grammophon

2007 opera by Steve Nieve and Muriel Teodori includes performances by Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney and The Brodsky Quartet.


TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Prologue Of Dionysos  Sting, Steve Nieve 10:54
2. Song Of The Ghost Of Carmen  Sarah Fulgoni, Sting, Steve Nieve 6:02
3. Grand Grand Freedom  Sting, Steve Nieve, Robert Wyatt, The Steel Workers Chorus 7:08
4. Unfailing Welcome To The Voice  Sting, Steve Nieve 4:05
5. Song Of The Ghost Of Butterfly  Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve 2:47
6. Song Of The Ghost Of Norma  Amanda Roocroft, Steve Nieve 4:37
7. To Be Is Strong  Sting, Steve Nieve 3:30
8. Perfume Song  Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve 4:47
9. The Desire Of Dionysos  Sting, Steve Nieve 2:36
10. Troublemaker  Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, S. Nieve, Steel Workers Chorus 4:14
11. Don't Touch Him  Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve 4:36
12. Distanciation  Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus 0:46
13. Happiness?  Robert Wyatt, Sting, Steve Nieve 3:02
14. Despair  Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sarah Fulgoni, Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve 6:45
15. The Unlikely Duet  Sting, Barbara Bonney, Sarah Fulgoni, Robert Wyatt, Nathalie Manfrino, Amanda Roocroft, Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus 4:59


  • Elvis played the lead role in a June 2000 concert performance, but he plays a smaller role on the CD version.
  • The opera received four performances at Chatelet Theatre, Paris, France in November 2008. Elvis and Sting played their respective roles. Joe Sumner took on Robert Wyatt's part as The Friend.


Profane Voices

  • Dionysos - Sting
  • The Friend - Robert Wyatt
  • Chief of Police - Elvis Costello
  • The Workers - The London Voices and Le Chœur Des Amis Français

Sacred Voices

  • Opera Singer - Barbara Bonney
  • Ghost of Carmen - Sara Fulgoni
  • Ghost of Butterfly - Nathalie Manfrino
  • Ghost of Norma - Amanda Roocroft


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