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Stuart Davis Stuart Davis: Davis Does Elvis  (internet-only release) 2004 websiteinfo
Earsafe performed live, 2016-05-27, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD 2016 YouTubeinfo
Mitch Elrod performed live, 2002-08-10, Brilliant Mistakes tribute, Albany, NY 2002 
Rhett Miller performed live in studio, 2002-12-09, KEXP, Seattle 2002 info needed
Rhett Miller The Interpreter: Live at Largo 2011 AllMusicAmazonYouTube
Mr Blotto performed live, 2004-08-14, Retro on Roscoe, Chicago 2004 Archive.orgmp3
Mr Blotto performed live, 2012-06-28, Reggie's, Chicago 2012 Archive.orgmp3
The Naked Trucker  with Pete Thomas performed live, 2003-03-27, EC tribute, Knitting Factory, Los Angeles 2003
Nevermore cassette release (Gene Burnett, Shona Curley, Chris Bingham, Chris Hanzsek) 1992 info needed
Oliver's Army (Dallas) performed live, Dallas-area Costello tribute band 2003- OliversArmyBand
Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2019 YouTube
Swan Arcade Diving For Pearls 1986
Yoko Moment performed live, 2003-11-21, Tonic Ball 2, Indianapolis 2003 info needed