Pomp & Pout: The Universal Years

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Pomp & Pout
The Universal Years
Pomp & Pout The Universal Years album cover.jpg
Collection by
Elvis Costello
ReleasedFebruary 08, 2011 (U.S.)
March 25, 2011 (Nederlands)


All songs written and composed by Elvis Costello, except where noted. 

TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Bedlam  Elvis Costello  
2. Stella Hurt  Elvis Costello  
3. No Hiding Place  Elvis Costello  
4. This House Is Empty Now  Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach  
5. Impatience  Elvis Costello  
6. Tart  Elvis Costello  
7. The Sweetest Punch  Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach  
8. My Mood Swings  Elvis Costello, Cait O'Riordan  
9. When I Was Cruel No. 2  Elvis Costello  
10. Ascension Day  Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Roy Byrd  
11. ...Dust  Elvis Costello  
12. Country Darkness  Elvis Costello  
13. 45  Elvis Costello  
14. In The Darkest Place  Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach  
15. The River In Reverse  Elvis Costello  
16. Monkey To Man  Elvis Costello  
17. In Another Room  Elvis Costello  
18. Still  Elvis Costello  

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